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 Happy 18th Anniversary RE2!

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PostSubject: Happy 18th Anniversary RE2!    Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:33 pm

Where the hell did the time go!? 18 years ago today one of the greatest games ever created was unleashed upon the unsuspecting public, sparking an outbreak of epic proportions!!! Happy 18th RE2!

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PostSubject: Re: Happy 18th Anniversary RE2!    Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:46 pm

Now would be the best moment in time for Capcom to release some form of a teaser for Remake 2. Even a picture or something.

My experiences with RE2? The first time I ever saw the game was at my friend's house, back when I was a kid, where I watched him play both RE2 and RE3. I think he only played RE2 to around the part where Birkin attacks you on the train elevator (he preferred playing RE3) so that was pretty much all I knew about the game until years later, I think even after RE4 came out when I got my first ever copy of RE2 from a flea market. It's the PC version and for the longest time it was the only version of RE2 that I had (a few years back I got the Dreamcast Value Plus version in a bundle I bought on eBay). Since it is an old game it wouldn't quite work properly on a modern computer and I couldn't save, so I just kept playing the beginning of Leon A over and over again until I figured out how to make the saves work and eventually finished the game. Multiple times. It might not be my absolute favorite of the series but it's one of the few games I never get tired of playing through. Despite playing through the game multiple times, I don't think I ever got through 4th Survivor or Tofu Mode. Sadly the CD drive on my PC has died recently so I can't really boot up that version of the game again... Since it is the PC version it used to have the giant cardboard box that my mom decided to throw away one day without mentioning anything, and I shall forever bear a grudge on her for that.

I remember playing the PC version I got for the first time. It was a Saturday and I was alone at home during the day, so I decided to spend my time on trying the game out. Man, the part when Mr. X first landed through the roof scared the shit out of me. And again when he smashed through the wall, though I didn't get that far on my first try. The game has a lot of memorable moments like that, like the first time seeing the licker. Maybe I should try if my laptop would run the game...

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PostSubject: Re: Happy 18th Anniversary RE2!    Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:40 am

Oh wow, now i feel even older lol. Great story though. I didn't mention in the video how i came to play the official release of the game. It wasn't until winter naturally since it wasn't out until then. It's funny how i remember the demo in the summer then remember playing the full game when it was snowing out.

I remember having to shovel my driveway with a friend of mine who let me borrow his copy of the game. The cool thing about it is that i could borrow one disc and play it, while he had the other and played as well. Then i could just swap discs with him. We did this with Final Fantasy VII,VIII and IX as well. We had a pretty nasty snow storm that year, but we lived up on a mountain that usually got a few feet of snow a few times a year... now that i think of it i've never seen snow like that since.

WAY back in 93 we had snow almost up to the roof just to give an idea of how insane it was up there. We didn't build snow forts, we built snow CASTLES!
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PostSubject: Re: Happy 18th Anniversary RE2!    

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Happy 18th Anniversary RE2!
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