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 Alien Isolation is a survival horror game!?!? Get hype!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Alien Isolation is a survival horror game!?!? Get hype!!!   Sat Oct 11, 2014 6:22 am

PWNERX wrote:
White Rock wrote:
I'm curious about it myself. I love all the Alien movies. The crossover films with Predator aren't very good, though, and I heard the games are terrible, but I'm prepared to give this one a chance.
The crossovers and Predator 2 never happened
Actually, yes, the crossovers and Predator 2 are still part of the expanded universe canon. In fact, I read in an article (which I can't find again at the moment, but will keep looking) that the character of Ronald Noland was originally written as Mike Harrigan from P2, but Danny Glover declined the role and so the part was rewritten. The issue with the crossovers was simply that RR felt the Yautja had been portrayed as too cartoonish, which didn't fit with the vibe of P1 and P2. And I'm inclined to agree, even though I did enjoy the AvP movies.

PWNERX wrote:
Prometheus made everything featuring either the possibilities of Aliens existing or flat out Aliens non-canon due to certain...things...

Here's why.:
Look closer.
That's a fully-grown Xenomorph drone. How could there be murals of Xenos inside the Engineers' temple if they didn't exist before the events of Prometheus? There's even a theory floating around that the Engineers created the Xenos in the first place as a biological weapon against the Yautja. As for the creature at the end, no one's really sure what exactly the Deacon (what Ridley Scott called it) is and how it relates to the Xenomorph, but it's not a Xenomorph as we know the species. Similar, yes, but it differs in a number of key ways.

1) The inner mouth. All known Xeno castes, regardless of what species they're gestated inside, have a second retractable mouth inside their mouths. The Deacon, however, instead has a complete inner jaw.

2) Method of creation. The Deacon was born from an embryo implanted in the Last Engineer by the Trilobite, which was created when Charlie Halloway was infected by the Engineers' black liquid and slept with Elizabeth Shaw. Xenos are created by Facehuggers hatched from eggs lain by a Xeno Queen or Empress.

3) Form at birth. All Xeno castes I know of are worm-like at birth, only gaining their arms and legs after maturing. The Deacon was born with arms and legs.

You can blame all this confusion and inconsistency on Fox, who made Scott remove the Xenomorphs from the film altogether. Hopefully he's able to "fix" all of this with Prometheus 2...

PerseusRad wrote:
halestride wrote:

PerseusRad wrote:
There are Fireworks outside, but I can't see them very well.

then go outside.

thats crazy talk
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PostSubject: Re: Alien Isolation is a survival horror game!?!? Get hype!!!   Sat Oct 11, 2014 7:28 pm

Not really a spoiler but just in case.....

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Alien Isolation is a survival horror game!?!? Get hype!!!
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