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 Horror Gaming News, 22/04/13 - Evil Within details and upcoming horror games

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PostSubject: Horror Gaming News, 22/04/13 - Evil Within details and upcoming horror games   Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:26 pm

I was bored and thought I could throw together one of these again.

More Evil Within details

As we already have a thread that is getting updated with info by other members I will try to keep this short.

The rough story is that a cop named Sebastian goes investigating a setting of a mass murder with his partner. Soon he will discover that everything is not right and is forced to watch as more and more of his fellow officers are killed. Sebastian is attacked and left uncoscious. He wakes up some time after only to find himself in a wolrd filled with unimaginable horrors. This is the start of his survival.

The game will have an emphasis on puzzles, traps, survival, limited resources and difficulty. The game will also feature "distortions" that I assume will work similar to Silent Hill's two sides. There is also supposed to be some degree of growing sense of insanity implemented in the game in addition to a dark entity hunting the player.

As a fun fact I could say that the game will be named Psycho Break in Japan.

You can read more about the game within the following links:

REF thread: [link]

In-depth look at the game by IGN: [link] I believe 37 Narwahls should be credited for posting this link on the forums first.

Rely on Horror's analysis: [link]

Official US/EU website: http://theevilwithin.com/

Official Japanese website: http://psychobreak.com/


Capcom pulls all IPs back

Capcom is pulling their IPs back from Western developers due to the poor sales of their latest titles. Games like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry will now be developed completely in-house. What this means for the future of the DMC reboot or the earlier statement of cutting their games' development time remains to be seen. In any case, this could support the rumor of Capcom developing a sequel to ORC themselves.



Among the Sleep goes to Kickstarter

Among the Sleep, an interesting new horror IP, is joining the neverending stream of games being funded by Kickstarter. The Kickstarter has been up for only a short amount of time and they've already gathered almost half of their needed funds. I reported on this game when it was first announced but if you are still clueless as to what this actually is, here's a quick explanation: In Among the Sleep you play as a small child, waking up in the middle of the night. You roam around your home alone in the dark and see all the shadowy and spooky things like a child would, scary as hell.

Kickstarter page


A new Alice game

American McGee's Alice is getting a new sequel, Alice: Otherlands. Not much is yet known about the game but it is schedulaed to appear on Kickstarter some time in July. You can go to the games' official Facebook page to check for more details.



State of Decay news

Ah yes, State of Decay... Yet another zombie apocalypse simulator for people who want to try out their wits and survival skills online. This game was previously known as Class3 and will work similarly to games like DayZ. The scheduled release window for 360 owners is June. You can see the new trailer fot it below.


Silent Hill developer making a new game

Climax Studios, most known for their Silent Hill titles 0rigins and Shattered Memories, both of which were solid entries in the series, are developing a new horror game. It is currently shown on their site as an "Unannounced Title" with a few somewhat terrifying screenshots accompanying the text. While no further details of the game are known, it seems to be set in a very Silent Hill -esque doll house. A couple of the screenshots below, go to the site for more.




Eyes: A new free horror title

Can't wait for all the new horror games to release? No fear, for... Wait, no fear? What the hell am I talking about, of course there will be fear. In any case, you can get the new horror title Eyes free of charge for PC, Mac and iOS on the developer's website. The game has strong similarities to other free horror titles like Slender and SCP but promises more content than those.



Amnesia: Machine for Pigs screens

Amnesia: Machine for Pigs, the sequel to the popular Amnesia: Dark Descent, being developed by thechineseroom in collaboration with the original Amnesia developer Frictional Games, has just received new screenshots. You can see these screen captures in the spoiler tags below but note that I only have the ones you can actually see something in here, as the pictures are a little on the dark side. You can see more images in the source link.




Until Dawn gets Dualshock support

Another title I have written about in the past. In fact, we even have a thread about it. I will link that below so you can get more information on the game. The game's gonna be a PS3 exclusive horror title originally developed for the Move but a recent picture of the game's box art reveals that it might actually have dualshock support. This is good news for anyone who is interested in playing through what is essentially a horror movie, set within a cabin deep within the woods.


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PostSubject: Re: Horror Gaming News, 22/04/13 - Evil Within details and upcoming horror games   Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:07 pm

The only thing I'm looking forward to is The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 Very Happy
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Horror Gaming News, 22/04/13 - Evil Within details and upcoming horror games
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