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 [Insert FanFiction Title]

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Leech Zombie
Leech Zombie

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PostSubject: [Insert FanFiction Title]   Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:26 pm


Sat in my room, candle lit in a spherical, torn, paper lantern. I didn’t bother fixing it, it looks pretty snazzy the way it is. I then look at the school picture of my boyfriend, Thom. Feeling that sharp, bitter pain in my heart. Sigh. “I miss you so much.” I whispered to myself, wishing I was in the coach to Utrecht, listening to Charlie Simpson’s “All At Once”, the lyrics didn’t really fit in with the situation then, but the beat did.

Enough reminiscing my need to feel that way again. This console isn’t going to shut itself down, well... In six hours anyway. I lean over slowly, trying to avoid any more pain passing my head. I can’t help but chuckle a little about how Hayley shared her klutzy ways at KFC this afternoon. “Tsk, who left this Ribena on my Xbox... That Thacking Klutz perhaps.” I giggle. I push the glass closer to the middle, feeling three excruciating waves of pain to the head. My unbalanced body sway forward, my momentum gladly contributing.

Shit, shit.

My eyes shut hard and I wince a little, the Ribena trickles down my fingers and onto the back of the console’s plugs and ports. I feel some static rise to the tip of my fingers and up my arm.

Dafuq.. No..

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Leech Zombie
Leech Zombie

Steam : Methsia
Posts : 2350
Join date : 2010-09-04
Age : 22
Location : UP IN THIS

PostSubject: Re: [Insert FanFiction Title]   Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:30 pm

Chapter 1: Hot and Bothered
I probably should get up and check out how and why it’s so bloody hot and annoying. This is one of the things I like to do, where I just lay here, eyes shut and wait until my Dad or Brother calls me dow-... Footsteps?
Sounds like they’re on concrete floor, wait what?
Finally, I force my eyes to open fast; it feels very heavy considering I forgot to take my contact lenses off. With that thought I look down to my attire and find that I’m in my Sherry Birkin inspired outfit. A throat clears behind me... woah, just- what? I spun around to find two blurred figures. One bulkier than the slender, more curved- looks like a woman- figure, making the bulk look like a boulder against her.

My face flush and my ears get hot; this isn’t what I think it is... Is it? If so, that’s impossible I must be dreaming. If I just lay in my original position and pinch myself. I should wake up.

I don’t feel heavy, considering all of these things happening. Is this real?

“Are you okay?” I turn my head to the direction of the voice. Deep, American, with a hint of husk. He comes closer to me and places a hand on my shoulder. I’m speechless and have nothing to say, except...
“Chris Redfield?” My voice cracks a little, and my cheeks flush from the obvious resemblance.

“Yes...How did you know?”

Yep. This is real.

A pause.

“Do I know you?” His eyebrows furrow and eyes squint a little.

“You don’t know me, but I know a lot about you. And Sheva. Annnd Wesker. Annnndd Ji-.” I stop myself just before saying her whole name. Jill Valentine. I’m not entirely sure if it would be a good idea. Considering the commotion about to happen in the next 5 minutes, and the fact that her well-being would linger in his mind, causing our survival to be slow and dangerous, this isn’t a good time.

“Chris, there’s something going on outside.” Sheva broke the silence and my avoiding Chris’ puppy- squinty- eyebrow furrowing eyes.
Now fully acknowledging Sheva’s presence, I thought about how Wesker wouldn’t either. It was inappropriate to giggle and laugh at this moment and thought about how Bree would break my concentration in controlling my laughter within, ready to burst. They’d think I would be up to something. So to be sure, I purse my lips- trying to look hard and distressed.

Chris shuffles over to the window, and looks out, sweat forming around his forehead, trickling down his oversized muscles- which I found unattractive to the eye. Sheva bends down to my level and hinted me to get up by placing a hand under my arm.
“Can you stand?” Her voice in concern as well as her face.
“I think so... I just feel heavy, that’s all.” I stand up and dust my clothes down, half-thankful that I decided to wear my boots. Adding to the Sherry Birkin outfit. Which was intended for the gals coming over for a Resident Evil day at my house, how fun is it to actually be sucked in a Resident Evil game at the end of it all? Tugging my laces, I found that they were a bit loose, I tucked and double-checked if they were tight enough to last me a few hours without having to tighten them again. I could say a ton of negatives about the boots. But now wasn’t the time. I stood back behind a slightly fenced in area of the shop. Probably the counter. I’ve never understood why it was designed this way, it looked out of place. Then again it served a good purpose for Chris and Sheva. Climbing over its fragile wood, out of harm’s way. Preventing on-going attacks. Scripts... Tch. I remember that this had to be the way it is. Otherwise, this game could have earned a place in the most annoying game of the franchise.

As I wait for the chaos to start, it just dawned on me that I have nothing to protect myself with. No gun or knife.

Update to finish Chapter 1, coming soon-

I'm a bambi at writing, so please be nice ^^.

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[Insert FanFiction Title]
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