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 Casshern Franchise

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PostSubject: Casshern Franchise   Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:51 pm

A couple weeks ago, while spending the night at a friends house, we watched Rise of Planet of the Apes. By the time it finished, it was really late, so we turned off the lights and left the TV on. We left it on Toonami, which I had learned at that moment that it was back. Very Happy

While it was on, an episode of a show called Casshern Sins was playing. The volume was down low so I didn't know what was going on, but it looked cool. So, I wrote down the title and looked it up the next day.

Then I started watching it, and it was really good! Very Happy The setting was interesting, and it was one of those shows that reveals how things are bit by bit, encouraging you to keep watching.

It got more and more exciting as it went on, and it was short enough too (24 episodes) that it didn't feel too daunting.

Then I reached the ending . . . it was pretty rushed I have to say. Razz The show really needed two more episodes. However, the way to the ending was so good that I didn't really care, and the ending itself was a little thought provoking (maybe).

Actually, another problem I have is that there are SEVERAL characters that seem like they're going to be important, but never show up again and are never mentioned. There's also a desu ex machina that shows up in the middle of the series that is never seen or mentioned again in future episodes, which was strange.

Aside from that, though, the story, characters, animation, and music were all spectacular. Definitely a good show and I recommend it.

Now of course, there's also the original show, Neo-Human Casshern (or Casshan: Robot Hunter in the US) which was out in the 70's and pretty hard to find. It has a very different plot from the recent remake, and is actually pretty similar to Mega Man (well, technically Mega Man is similar to Casshern since Casshern came out first). If I find it, I'll most likely watch it. From what I've seen it looks pretty good.

OH, and there's also the live-action movie . . . that's actually pretty dark considering the source material:

I watched it . . . the fight scenes are very far and few in between and badly shot, but the effects are cool. The story is VERY weird and only lightly follows the 70's original.

The soundtrack, what can I say, is beautiful:

So yeah, anyone else familiar with this Tatsunoko franchise?
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Casshern Franchise
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