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 A Small Snippet of Something I'm Working On

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PostSubject: A Small Snippet of Something I'm Working On   Tue May 29, 2012 8:08 pm

Yeah, I figured that as a summer project, I could try and write my own novelization of RE 1/REmake. You know, kinda like a cross between the original and the newer version. Just something to keep me occupied.

Well, if any of you could tell me what you think so far, I'd appriciate it! Very Happy

Jill’s hair whipped around her face as the wind blew by the open door of the helicopter. With the sun fading in the horizon, she turned her head towards Chris. He continued to stare off into the distance, utterly silent. Tilting her head in order to get a clearer view of his eyes, she could almost automatically tell that something was on his mind.
“Chris?” She asked, giving a quick smile as he shifted his body in order to address her.
“Yeah?” He replied, no emotion behind his words, his face almost entirely deadpanned. The smile fading from her face, Jill set her hand atop of his as she stared back at him.
“Hey, come on, talk to me.” His hand was slightly cold, but as he entwined his fingers with hers, some warmth flowed back into it.
“Something’s not…right.” He said, staring into her eyes in order to drive the point home. “ I’ve just got this feeling that there’s more to this than what’s just on the surface.” Staring into Chris’ eyes, Jill nodded silently.
“Like someone’s pulling the strings above everyone else.” She replied, her fingers still intertwined with Chris’. As she finished, a quick flash of something flew through Chris’ eyes, and then it was gone, buried beneath everything.
“Exactly.” He answered, casting another gaze out at the ground. Out of the corner of her eye, Jill caught a glimpse of a black mass rising out of the trees. Turning her head in order to get a better look, she could see the smoke rising, almost entirely engulfing the surrounding tree-tops.
“Look, Chris!” Within a second, the man’s attention was rapidly focused on the same black mass.
“Brad, down there!” He yelled to the pilot, who responded with a simple thumbs up. The helicopter shifted almost immediately, and as they flew over the smoke, the wreckage of Bravo Team’s helicopter rapidly came into view.
“Put us down in that clearing.” Wesker said, his face obscured by the dim lighting inside of the cabin. Popping out the clip on his Beretta, Chris silently counted the bullets and then, satisfied that the clip was fully loaded, he slammed it back into the butt of the gun, and quickly chambered a round. At his side, Jill did the same.
“Alright, standard procedure. As soon as we hit the ground, spread out. There’s no telling what’s out there.” Wesker said, emerging from the cockpit, his trademark glasses still glued to his face and his own Beretta already in his hand. “Remember, the people we’re looking for have already killed at least five people, so I don’t think they’re going to roll out the red carpet for us.”
There was no laughter at the joke, as the faces became illuminated with the red glare of the light within the chopper. As the first hints of grass appeared at the sides of the helicopter, Chris dove into the darkness, his weapon at the ready, and a flashlight occupying his other hand. Jill followed him, with Joseph and Barry doing the same, both of them flicking the safeties off on their guns. The only other light that managed to pierce through the darkness was the dim surface lights of the helicopter.

Silence. There was nothing in the air as the members of Alpha Team moved through the grass that constantly smacked against their knees. Each of them scanned the surrounding area, struggling to make out anything that could possibly be moving. As they continued, the complete and utter silence began to send chills down Jill’s spine.
“Clear.” She said, as Wesker looked in her direction for her report. Her weapon still held at the ready, her fingers tightened their grip on the pistol as the somewhat distant sound of howling dogs echoed through the air. Clearing the sound from her mind, Jill once again fell into step with the rest of the team as they moved towards the darkened tree-line.
Bravo Team’s helicopter lay in front of them, a huge mass of smoke rising into the air from the top of the rotor. The area around them was still engulfed in a deathly silence, with the only audible sound being that of Alpha Team’s breathing. Taking a few steps into the helicopter, Joseph cycled his shotgun around, the light attached to it striking through the darkness like a sword, making sure that the area was clear. As the light landed upon the cockpit, it captured in its gaze the darkened red color of blood.
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A Small Snippet of Something I'm Working On
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