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 RE:ABYSS fan fiction

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PostSubject: Re: RE:ABYSS fan fiction   Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:00 am

Enter The Abyss

Why was there always darkness? his absent parents, his few friends, their dreadful ends... there was never love...As if whatever he touched, turned cold, and died. Little Chris Redfield sat in the corner of a dimly lit room. He wore torn blue jeans, a striped shirt, and trainers covered in dirt and holes. The little light flickered, the cold ambient gave little Chris goosebumps. He cried. He just sat there and cried. Wept like the small child he was. Being alone in a room like this....it wasn't right, not for a ten year old. The room seemed artificial, like it used to belong to an old steel mill. The door was closed, but he knew it was unlocked. He sobbed and could barely breath, snorting his snot and covering his face. Something told him to leave that place, that it wasn't safe. But he was afraid. The door opened. Little Chris didn't look up. He was afraid. He had been trapped in that room for as long as he could remember, whatever darkness that had always harassed him, lingering outside. He heard the disembodied voice of a young woman.

''Chris, get out. Run, please! get out, follow my voice, find me please! I can save you!''. Chris heard a cackle come from the airvent above his head. He began to cry, and ran out the door. The long hallway appeared endless, the twisted metal and old, broken rusted machines were as dead as thevrest of the sinister place . A maniacal laberynth. He was running from a monster. The hell mongerer That's what he called it. The thing that never let him rest. The thing that fed off his happiness. He hated him. He wanted him dead. He ran and ran, broken vent pipes releasing steam, the flickering lights giving off menacing shadows. Little Chris ran, listening for the young woman's voice. Claire's voice. But he heard nothing. He stopped, and looked back. It was all dark. The lights had turned off as he ran. Then all the lights turned off. The small, ten year old boy now screamed and sobbed, he was absolutley paralyzed, but seemed to be choking on the panic and fear he felt accumulate inside him. Claire's voice changed. It was distorted, foreign, and frightening.

''You're no one. You''l never be anyone. No one loves you Chris. No one has ever loved you. You destroy everyone that's ever cared for you. No one could love you. You're pathetic.'' Chris continued to cry. The frightened little boy was having a panic attack. The lights turned on. A tall hooded figure with a face covered in blood and shadows grabbed the boy by the neck and choked him. Slithering behind the hooded tormenter, was the disgusting monster Chris recognized from the picture his comrade Jacob had shown him. It whispered into the hooded creature's ear. ''Kill this little maggot. Kill this little worm''. The little boy couldn't breathed. The lights flickered on and off again. little Chris looked deep into the hood. With his last gasps of breath, little Chris pulled the hood from the Hell Mongerer.

The creature hissed, and Chris fell onto the cold, hard pavement. He was now looking at the little boy. He had changed perspectives. He looked into a broken shard of mirror beside him. Chris Redfield looked back, a full grown man. He was the Hell Mongerer. He saw the boy on the ground weep and run back into the room he had tried to escape from. The little boy would not be trying that again. He had made sure of that.

Chris opened his eyes. He was standing beside Jacob Burton. ''Sir, are you alright?''. Chris couldn't understand what had just happened. He didn't even want to try. The illusions were affecting him even more. ''Nothing. Let's move soldier, we have a mission to complete.''
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PostSubject: Re: RE:ABYSS fan fiction   Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:50 pm

Really interesting fanfic! I write some myself. I recently completed a Wesker x Birkin fanfic, but I'm not so sure most people are into the fluff stuff here. Right now I'm working on a fanfic that starts from Wesker's transferring to S.T.A.R.S and goes from there. Of course, there's going to be Chris x Wesker Laughing

Keep up the good work! I'm really relieved to find out there are people who still appreciate the English language a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: RE:ABYSS fan fiction   Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:52 pm

The plot reminds me quite a bit about RE5. Whatever, I'll still enjoy it considering that I enjoyed RE5. I like the song too. Sounds calming, yet dark at the same time. Very Happy
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STARS Member

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PostSubject: Re: RE:ABYSS fan fiction   Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:30 pm

''the company of the dear old soldier
oh to waste their lives will be
following darkness into darker
pain and sorrow onto thee

you will find the answers here,
and weep you will
for when they all die
realize that the worse is not the kill

shadows chase the soldiers
who through death they try to save
and through it their own path to hell,
surely they will pave

these cryptic words were on surrounding trees, as if carved by fire, and were burned into the old bark of the trees around them. ''What do you suppose this means?'', said Jacob, as he inspected the mystifying words burned onto the oak. ''Looks like someone's trying to mess with our heads. They know we're here. Mikel's already unleashed his B.O.W's into the forest. We had to move fast, but we didn't. We gotta keep going, regroup. Don't pay any attention to that shit, it'll mess with your head even more''. Chris moved forward, ignoring the trees, pointing his weapon forward. ''This trail we found after getting out of that village is still warm. The feet look like BSAA boots. We're on the right track''. ''Chris, I've been looking at my watch. It's busted, but I estimate it's been around seven hours since we landed here. Our mission should be over. We should be dead. But I haven't seen the dial move or clouds change position, the wind sometimes seems still, not even the trees move. You think our perception of time is also in the shitter?''. ''Maybe. But if we're still here, and there's the minimal chance that this mission still stands, we can't quit. Too much is riding on this.'' Jacob and Chris heard a loud yell and gunfire sound in the distance.

They took cover behind a large tree, and stayed close to the ground. What sounded was retaliating fire. ''Sound like a gunfight. Remember, ration your bullets, we're not carrying much''. ''You don't have to tell me twice'', replied Jacob. They both moved forward, following the brief explosion of light that came from the bullets being fired. Chris identified what looked like Evan shooting into the darkness behind a tree. ''McCormick! you're pinned down, it's your captain and Burton! who are we fighting?!''. ''I don't fucking know! some guy just came out of the trees and started shooting! he hit me in the shoulder and now he just won't stop shooting at me!''. ''Burton, I'll keep shooting, you flank him! McCormick, give me your weapon, you keep him pinned down with this!''. Chris handed him his handgun. ''Fine! just get this sonofabitch!''. Chris looked into the distance and saw an automatic weapon fire towards him. He quickly took cover. The weapon looked more powerful than anything they were carrying, full automatic as well. ''Dammit, I dunno how this asshole has this kind of accuracy in this darkness!!'', yelled Chris. Chunks of the tree flew around him, all casualties of enemy fire.

Chris ran from where he was over to the next tree. He felt bullets pursue him, and his heart accelerated and was pumped rapidly, when he reached the haven that was cover. He picked up a stone. The way he shoots. This guy's an expert marksmen. But he's scared. Gotta think fast Chris thought to himself. He picked up a stone and threw it in the air, towards enemy fire. The stone was punished and shot down quickly. But here, Chris took advantage of the gap. He identified his target and unleashed heavy, merciless unrelenting fire towards it. He heard a loud scream of pain, and his target move from one tree to the next. He was still alive. He then looked to the left of that tree, and saw a flashlight signal from afar. It was Jacob. He fired three bullets, and the enemy fell to the ground. ''CAPTAIN! QUICK! COME HERE! YOU'RE NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS DAMMIT!''. Chris reloaded his weapon and shun the light on Evan. ''You alright?''. ''I'm fine, I''l catch up with you in a sec''. What the hell was going on? who was firing at them? who had those marksmanship abilities?

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PostSubject: Re: RE:ABYSS fan fiction   

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RE:ABYSS fan fiction
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