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 RE5- Tips and Tricks for maxing the score on mercenaries. RE5

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Helicopter Pilot
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PostSubject: RE5- Tips and Tricks for maxing the score on mercenaries. RE5   Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:42 pm

If you don't have the DLC containing mercenaries reunion I suggest you get it, they have a combo for both RE5 DLCs for sale on Xbox live. No idea on PS3. This guide is for mercenaries reunion. It has better characters, and get SS as your max, as opposed to S. That gives you 5,000 exchange points vs. 3,000 for an S rank. It also has better characters (IMO).
The whole point of merc is going to be to get those exchange points, it will allow you to buy verses characters, unlock infinite ammo, or anything you want from the bonus features. While this guide is for merc reunion, but I will throw in a couple tips for the regular mercenaries, it's at the bottom of the standard guide.

First thing you want to do is forget about doing it by yourself, you're most likely going to need someone else there to watch your back and keep the kill streak going. Unless you are God's gift to gaming, it's highly unlikely you will be able to pull off anything better than an S(3,000 Ex. Pts) because you won't be able to multitask as well. Plus, it's MUCH easier to stay alive and win since the game doesn't automatically end when you go begin bleeding out. However, the enemies and health is about even with playing veteran mode on the story line and it will take 150,000 points to unlock the SS.

When you begin a game, you'll want to find someone with a mic, if the person doesn't have a mic, kick them from your game lobby. You guys need to work together, and you'll need to share your strategy with him. Character selection is key, since they made it where you will have a challenge because you won't have everything you need. So, to circumvent that, you get two complimentary characters. Here is what you need. Both of you will need some type of machine gun, forget about the shotgun and pistols, they don't work to well with the strategy, more on that later. One of you will need a powerful gun, probably a magnum, you'll also want flash grenades, if possible one or both of you. A flash grenade is an instant kill on any mutated Majini, it will save you much time and headache.

As far as stage, I suggest the prison, it's a bit tougher with the red executioner, but the center room makes it easier to keep a constant supply of enemies to keep the combo high. I've had almost no luck with the mines.

The most imporant part of merc is keeping that combo up and making sure you have enough time. The combo awards you tons of points but isn't really worthwhile unless you can get it really high. With time not only does it keep you in the game, but once you kill all 150 enemies, every leftover second is worth 300pts.

First thing to do is drop any weapon you don't need, pistols, shotguns, etc. The weapons that spawn are dependent on what your character has. Even if one character is just carrying a pistol and the other guy doesn't have one, you'll have tons of pistol ammo to sort through, all you want is machinegun ammo, flash grenades, magnum rounds, and health.

Once the round begins, don't worry about killing enemies, your #1 priority is those time bonuses, you and your buddy run around and try and get all the time bonuses as quick as possible, only killing an enemy(s) if they are in your way. After you've got a good time buffer, then you can begin killing the enemy, but not just any ol' way though. What you want to do is get melee kills, you do this easiest with the machine gun, just shoot at their legs, best bet is their thigh, remember since you're on veteran mode, you'll need to put 5-6 rounds into their leg(though 2-3 will knock them down), if you don't weaken them enough, then they will get up after the melee attack. The reason you want those melee kills is because it gives you a 5 second bonus, lets say both of you make a melee kills every 4-5 seconds, the clock will stay where it is or even get more time. Another perk of the melee attack is like picking up an item, you are temporarily invincible while it plays, so you can melee a group of enemies 1 by 1 and not lose any health.

After 50 enemies, mutating majini will begin to appear, this is where the flash grenades come in handy, especially against the giant ball that is impervious to gunfire and takes awhile to kill(possibly messing up your combo). Also, they aren't worth anything more than what they were originally.
The combo points break down like this:
Each majini has it's individual score(for example, your weak majini is 300pts) but your combo will add points to each kill, so once you get to say 50-59 kills each kill is 300+1000 for 1300 for each majini killed.
So, you would add the combo score to the enemies' initial score.

Combo--- Normal enemy-------- Bosses
2---------- 20 per kill----------- 500 per kill
3---------- 50 per kill----------- 1,000 per kill
4---------- 100 per kill---------- 1,500 per kill
5---------- 200 per kill---------- 2,000 per kill
6---------- 250 per kill---------- 2,500 per kill
7---------- 300 per kill---------- 3,000 per kill
8---------- 350 per kill---------- 3,500 per kill
9---------- 400 per kill---------- 4,000 per kill
10-19------ 500 per kill---------- 4,500 per kill
20-29------ 600 per kill---------- 5,000 per kill
30-39------ 700 per kill---------- 5,500 per kill
40-49------ 850 per kill---------- 6,000 per kill
50-59------ 1,000 per kill-------- 7,000 per kill
60-69------ 1,200 per kill-------- 8,000 per kill
70-79------ 1,400 per kill-------- 10,000 per kill
80-89------ 1,700 per kill-------- 12,000 per kill
90-99------ 2,000 per kill-------- 15,000 per kill
100-109---- 3,000 per kill-------- 20,000 per kill
110-119---- 4,000 per kill-------- 30,000 per kill
120-129---- 6,000 per kill-------- 40,000 per kill
130-139---- 10,000 per kill------- 50,000 per kill
140-149---- 15,000 per kill------- 60,000 per kill
150-------- 50,000 per kill------- 100,000 per kill

and the enemies' base score

Majini (Town) = 300
Majini (Wetland) = 400
Majini (Base) = 400
Bui Kichwa = 400
Kipepeo = 700
Cephalo = 800
Licker Beta = 800
Adjule = 800
Duvalia = 900
Big Man Majini = 1,000
Chicken = 2,000

Executioner Majini = 5,000
Giant Majini = 5,000
Reaper = 6,000
Chainsaw Majini = 7,000
Gatling gun Majini = 10,000
Executioner Majini(red) = 15,000

So as you can see, the longer you wait to kill the bigger enemies, the more points stack up. You'll also notice killing chickens is quite a catch as well. Also, the prison has the best boss. He gives a lot of points, but is very easy to kill as long as you have a magnum and stay out of range. However, if you're only trying to go to 150,000 to get the 5k points, then you don't need to do anything but kill all 150 enemies. When it comes to the boss, try and get as high as you can until you get a good points, then set one person on him. I suggest you wait till at least a 30 person combo. One person uses the magnum and blasts away, the other keeps killing zombies. Like I said, it's all about that combo, whether it's a boss, mutation or a basic enemy it's all worth one as far as the combo.

So, lets say you were playing the prison, I'd both grab sheva, fairy tale, first thing you'd do is throw out the ithaca shotgun, the shells and her eggs(there will be plenty of health). That way only machinegun ammo and magnum ammo spawns(along with herbs, and grenades). Both of you run around, trying not to kill enemies(since there are 150 enemies, each enemy you kill is less for your combo) and grab 2-3 time bonuses. Skip the combo times, it is simply time wasted.
After you have 4-5 minutes to play with, both of you meet in the main chamber. Run around and both of you shoot them in the thigh, then melee them, doing it to all of them. Keep in mind accuracy doesn't count, just aim down and do a sweeping motion as you shoot(the reason for a machine gun as opposed to a pistol) Also grab the flash grenade off the oil drums. After 50 enemies you'll start to get bosses and mutating Majini. Take out the whip heads and flying ones with the machine gun, the ball shaped ones can be easily dispatched with a flash grenade. When a boss comes down, you should be over 30, go ahead and kill him, one character pulls out the magnum goes to town while the other makes sure to keep killing people. During this time, just hose everyone without worring about the melee kills, just make sure you keep killing anything that moves, and do it quickly. After he is down, inevitably another one will appear, try and avoid him until he gets really annoying, then the other person will dispatch him. I believe the red executioner only appears 3 times, so make sure to save the last one for the final kill, then put him down and get tons of points. If you made it to 50 combo and at least 30 multiple times and killed all the enemies before you ran out of time, you most likely got 150,000 points. On the prison it's simple and doesn't require the perfect streak, since you're eventually going to have trouble finding someone. Though, if you guys stay together in that room, the enemies should find you, and you're killing them with melee attacks, so others will have more than enough time to come to you.

The only difference in strategy between the two is what you're after. With the standard merc, you're going after time first, combo second. So you definitely want as much time at the end as possible, each second is worth 1,000 points.(as opposed to reunion's 300 pts per second. However, the combos don't climb as fast, but they are necessary if you want that S rank. However, S is as high as you go, and you only get 3,000 for the same amount of work(arguably more) at the end, but if you're poor, what are you going to do.
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Raccoon Citizen
Raccoon Citizen

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PostSubject: Re: RE5- Tips and Tricks for maxing the score on mercenaries. RE5   Wed Oct 29, 2014 2:54 am

wow, nice i like the passage you have wrote.
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RE5- Tips and Tricks for maxing the score on mercenaries. RE5
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